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● Drumnow

Sound app for musicians

Laptop with music software
Drumnow was conceived to give metal musicians the tools to jam alongside rhythms in a simple, easy to use interface. The team needed a redesign for the 2.0 experience as the first iteration wasn't hitting the mark they had hoped. After completing multiple discovery sessions with the stakeholders we were able to align the work with their business goals for this MVP launch.
laptop with music software
The platform lives on desktop and mobile devices, giving musicians the power to plug in and create no matter the setting. The app takes from the top-tier music industry experiences and makes it unique to its own business needs.
The group was able to provide a set of categories for media they release. This gave a great sense of organization through color usage.
phone with music software
laptop with music software
The original experience was lacking in both user experience and an engaging brand presence. We turned up the electricity to give it the edge that the music industry has to offer.
phone with music software
laptop with music software
Drumnow allows a variety of download types for their media. The user base was not understanding how this functions, but they do now. The experience is dynamic and responds to choices made. Now it's clear what you're getting.
phone with music software
Drumnow is music loops for musicians. The experience has to have an edge and feel cool, anything less is doing a disservice to the industry and the product. Now another fun and lively app exists in the world providing a one-of-a-kind feel for its audience.
Unique flows
Reusable components
Industry-leading experience
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